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Describe your collection's theme.: My collections theme is a bit dark, more sophisticated evening wear with a witchy vibe.

What is your favorite part of the design process?: My favorite part of the design process is probably the actual creation of the garment, the assembly of all the parts and the finishing.

What are you inspired by?: I am hugely inspired by music and the themes of different albums I may be listening to at the time. I am also constantly inspired by my peers. The designers I am surrounded by have such amazing talent and have pushed me to work harder and explore new ideas.

Who is your favorite designer?: I don't think I could name one designer that I could call "favorite" because I honestly love discovering new designers all the time and finding aspects of their work to be inspired by. However, some of my constant inspiration is Alexander Wang's design aesthetic, and Vivienne Westwood's design philosophy.

What is your dream job?: A job where, even if there are stipulations, I don't feel creatively stifled.

 Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: I enjoy reading, watching way to many movies and love to be around my friends. I also listen to music 24/7.

 What are your plans after graduation?: Do a bit of traveling then hopefully start work as a part of a design company here in Dallas or wherever I decide to go.

 What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: 1. Learn to time manage (it took me 4 years so start now)
2. Always ask classmates and professors if you have questions
3. TAKE BREAKS (please remember to eat and sleep)
4. Enjoy your time designing and create relationships with your peers (they're awesome)

 Insta: @vikitty.e