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. Describe your collection's theme.: Norwegian architecture -- Contrasting vibrant blues and reds on a bright white background for most garments. Outerwear / Fall.

 What is your favorite part of the design process?: I love when the designs are mostly finalized and get to be turned into illustrations.. Thinking about the way fabric would drape off of the body is fun, and rendering illustrations with color is something I find relaxing.

 What are you inspired by?: I'm heavily inspired by outdoor landscapes, especially the way older architecture can either blend in and work with the land, or completely change it. There is something charming about old, well-worn houses on the countryside. Rolling mountains, lush fields, winding rivers, and the ocean are my personal aesthetic-- not to say that I don't love Texas, but it would be nice to move somewhere that had those things.

Who is your favorite designer?: Jean Paul Gaultier-- He and I both share an obsession with traditional sailor attire, but for different reasons. I love the striped patterns, the navy, red, and light cream color palette, and the whole maritime theme. Gaultier also happened to design for my favorite movie, The Fifth Element, which I didn't even realize until after I already loved him for his sailor aesthetic. So.. a maritime fascination AND an eye for 90s science fiction makes him pretty inspiring in my eyes.

What is your dream job?: Ideally, I can one day become a fashion illustrator or CAD designer for an eco-conscious company-- but I also wouldn't mind designing, though the "glamorous" celebrity designer life isn't for me. I particularly love outerwear and garments with a sturdy weight to them, so if I were to design that's what it would be. Maybe for a company like Patagonia or Fjällräven.

Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: Basically all of my hobbies are sewing... When I'm not sewing for class, I'm sewing for fun. I've been creating costumes for myself and others for years, and it's actually what got me into the fashion design program in the first place. I also frequently draw, but at this point it seems like less of a hobby and more of a thing I just constantly do.

 What are your plans after graduation?: Immediately after graduation I get to work another season for Shakespeare Dallas as a pattern maker ("cutter/draper") for 8 weeks, and after that it's whichever way the wind blows, The future is completely open for me. I'm willing to move anywhere I can afford, and want to make completely new experiences in whatever direction life takes me.

What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: Never design something for class that you think you could make easily. The best learning experiences in this program are from the challenges you create for yourself. Try new techniques and take advantage of the Fab Lab technology we have at UNT while you can.

 Instagram: @dr_tyska