What are you inspired by?

I was inspired by architecture made by two artist named Kutan Ayata and Michael Young. I think they have a unique vision and I admired what they have accomplished.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

My favorite part of this process of making my senior collection was coming up with new designs. It's always exciting to me to see what my hands can do from what my mind imagines.

Who is your favorite designer?

One of the most influential designers in my life would have to be Elie Saab. His work is remarkable and timeless.

Hobbies outside of fashion design?

Extra activities I like to participate in outside of fashion would be eating delicious new foods, traveling and bench watching television shows on Netflix.

What are your plans after graduation?

My future self will have her own company along side with her twin sister. Family is my number one thing. If you don't have family, people you can count on and love then you're not living life fully. Hopefully when I graduate I will have some money saved up to travel Europe. When I come back I will be on the hunt for a job.