What are you inspired by?

Music is one of my biggest inspirations. A genre of music can inspire a genre of clothing or sometimes, when I’m driving alone, I will blast the music and picture garments walking down a runway to that particular song. I design the garments in my head as I see the models walking, and replay the music whenever I want to change up the look. Other than music… travel, experiences, and people.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

Sketching, and the finishing the final touches on a garment when you see it come together.

Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designers and brands have shifted season to season, but Karl Lagerfeld is a pretty talented guy. He manages to juggle multiple brands and, for the most part, designs well. I also think Alessandro Michele is doing some incredible things with Gucci right now.

What is your dream job?

I think the dream job for most design students is to creative direct! But, having a very specific job in mind is challenging. It seems like in fashion you fall into jobs based off of where you are, who you know, and what your strengths are. I’ve tried not to give myself a DREAM job, but I know I want to be doing something where I can utilize my creativity, enjoy the people I am around, and hopefully inspire others.

Hobbies outside of fashion design?

Photography, videography, travel, cooking, and eating.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m taking a little break. I am applying to the FGI competition in April and would love to win the Paris award. Couture has always interested me, but I don’t know the first thing about it, so taking a course and experiencing Paris would be wonderful. I plan on either going home for a couple of months in the summer or applying for a summer internship in L.A. or New York, and from August to December I am taking a solo backpack trip to South East Asia.

What I have learned/advice I’d give to other design students:

-Be in the present. In fashion, it is definitely good to plan ahead, but if you get to caught up or frustrated with the end result or what comes next you may forget to enjoy the process

-Don’t envy or compare yourself to the designers or students around you. Use their strengths as motivation and inspiration

-Surround yourself with supportive and creative people. The more creative your peers are the more creative you become without realizing it.

Instagram: @sarabennack