Describe your collection's theme.: Muskogean art and craft with modern energy. Graphic, clean, linear, classic modernity and indigenous motifs.

 What is your favorite part of the design process?: Researching, imagining, problem solving and styling.

 What are you inspired by?: Anything that visually interests or emotionally stimulates me. Contemporary dance, gothic lit, indigenous art and craft, various cultures, nature and films.

 Who is your favorite designer?: Dries Van Noten, Phoebe Philo, Rick Owens, Raf Simons and Jil Sander.

What is your dream job?: Contribute to a design team by researching, analyzing, developing and problem solving to create a beautiful and inspiring product.

Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: Devour as much theatre, books, film, art, culture and nature to turn into creativity.

What are your plans after graduation?: Stay in the DFW area working on a design team for a clothing company.

 What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: Use all your resources and intuition is key!