Describe your collection's theme.: My collection's theme this year is Tarot!

Tarot reading is an art that I have recently been rediscovering. Tarot to me is all about storytelling and I am nothing if not an avid storyteller through my art. The basics of tarot cards are this: you have 78 cards, 22 of them make up the Major Arcana or what I like to think of as the big picture archetypes, and the rest are part of the Minor Arcana which is comprised of four suits: the Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords. To read someone's cards you pull a certain number of them and lay them down in a spread and then the cards tell you a story! 

I wanted my collection to represent the different suits in a Tarot deck but also to tell an overall story. The thing about Tarot readings is that every spread is different. No two people will interpret the cards the same way and likewise I wanted to create sportswear looks that could be interchangeable, like spreads of cards, and that would be easily changed depending on the person wearing them.

 What is your favorite part of the design process?: There's a moment in the process when you do *just* the right thing and all of a sudden your project has been elevated to new heights. Its the moment when you see everything come together in your mind. Sometimes this happens when you sketch, sometimes it happens when you're draping, sometimes it happens when you step back to look at what you've created, but it is a great feeling no matter what. You're reminded of why you do what you do. That's my favorite part of creating.

What are you inspired by?: Music is a big source of inspiration for me. Music and books. As I said, I love stories and storytelling as an art form because I am constantly trying to tell my own story through my art and designs. I love going to concerts and being immersed in a crowd of people that are all just as hype and excited as you are. Its exhilarating and those are the moments that keep me going.

Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: Tarot card reading (duh) and palm readings
Reading books! (You should see my bookshelves!)
Eating yummmm
Going to concerts!!