Describe your collection's theme.: Portraits of Insects

What is your favorite part of the design process?: My favorite part of the design process is doing research for my inspiration. I like to collect all the ideas that inspired me. By doing research, I can also learn so many that is not related to my major.

What are you inspired by?: I was inspired by a British photographer who is name Levon Biss. He recently publishes a book called “ Microsculpture-A Portraits of Insects”. Each breathtakingly detailed photograph is compromised of approximately 8000 individual images,then combines them to specular effect. I was amazed by the vivid colors, unusual features, and never-before-seen details of the insects in the book. So I decided to take it as my collection inspiration.

 Who is your favorite designer?: Alexander McQueen

What is your dream job?: Independent Fashion Designer and have my own label.

Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: I like to draw whenever I am free.

 What are your plans after graduation?: I am going to move to New York and get a job there.

What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: Passion and persistence are the two things that keeps me stepping forward in this major.