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Describe your collection's theme.: My Collection is based around my desire to create my own line. Taking this idea, I thought of the process of building an empire, of creating actual skyscrapers. From this I took aspects of imagery of construction sights and incorporated the metallics, the hardware, the color schemes, the shapes, and the over all structures into my pieces.

What is your favorite part of the design process?: Fit sessions, I love how you can take a basic shell of an idea and mold it into your vision.

 What are you inspired by?: I am inspired most by life itself. My pieces reflect my mood, or particular things that are occurring in my life, or even resemble a certain stage in life that I am currently passing through. I live it all through my designs and leave it there. It is very therapeutic.

Who is your favorite designer?: Madeleine Vionnet comes to mind when I am asked this question. Her use of the bias cut and over all technique was revolutionary. Her pieces exude a timeless elegance. Sensuous and graceful, the bias cut dresses that she created cling perfectly to the body, celebrating and embracing the female form. My goal is to design garments that make the wearer feel beautiful. I believe Vionnet accomplished that exact thing.

 What is your dream job?: My dream job is anywhere I can share my creativity and use my abilities to their full extent.

 Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: Movie junkie, food lover, and dance aholic

What are your plans after graduation?: Honestly, I am looking forward to taking some time for myself. I will be enjoying a few naps here and there, wrapping up all of the planning for my wedding in the fall, and maybe do a little freelance work in between.

What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: My motto is: "If you aren't crying, you aren't trying". I have learned that it is okay to get frustrated. It is okay to break down. It happens to everyone. Be persistent. Don't give up. You will succeed.

Be a warrior, not a worrier. I struggled with worrying about anything and everything, but now I have realized no matter what, it all comes together in the end. It may not have gone the way you expected it to, but all we can do is roll with the punches. Whatever happens, happens and that is okay. 

Never forget to appreciate the little things.