Describe your collection's theme.: Texas prints in NYC style. Dressy streetwear

What is your favorite part of the design process?: The inspiration. Researching and putting together the mood board to begin sketching. Thats where all the creativity is where you aren't as restricted because you're simply getting ideas out of your head and onto paper. Later is when you have to start thinking whats realistic and functional, creating some restrictions.

 What are you inspired by?: I feel most inspired when listening to music and I have a large table with my coffee in a cute mug! The atmosphere you create in I think can aid or hinder your creativity within your designs. My collection was inspired by my trip to NYC which allowed plenty of inspirational places to sketch and create.

Who is your favorite designer?: I love Viktor and Rolf, Elsa Schiaparelli, Moschino, Alice and Olivia, pretty much designers who make bold statement pieces. Nothing simple. I feel these designers design for a bold woman who knows what she wants and is probably intimidating.I believe how you dress can create your personality and your mood for the day, so I choose to dress in things that aren't subtle and quiet. I like to be loud and out there.

 What is your dream job?: My dream job would be somewhere with in fashion styling. Coming close to graduation Ive realized what Im most passionate about and most inspired by and thats the aesthetics of fashion. I love to style and outfit and wear it or photograph it on someone else. I love when people make comments on my attire or something Ive styled with a bit of shock because its out there. Styling for photoshoots or mannequin pause points with in stores is so fun to me, and If that was my full time job I would adore it!

 Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: I like to do creative and crafty things. I enjoy scrapbooking, pretty much anything where Im creating a collage of sorts. Scrap booking Im mixing prints and papers creating a cute backdrop for photos. I also love reading fashion related books because they are inspirational, or women empowerment books such as girl boss. Yes I hopped on that train!

What are your plans after graduation?: My plans used to be move straight to NYC and my life would be all figured out, but reality is setting in and its actually time to start making those decisions so Im unsure. I may take a break during the Summer, but Im still keeping my options open and applying to jobs in NYC and California. I don't plan to stay in Texas for the duration of my fashion career, I do know that.

What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: Take time with your inspiration and don't let restrictions take over. If you have designed something complicated really sit and think how you can achieve making it, you'll be proud of it in the end after all the tears and lack of sleep. You'll get the one day of rest you need after crit day to make up for it!! Making sure you stay in an inspriational environment is also important, doing things that make you always want to sketch to keep ideas flowing. Ive also learned that it will always be ok, of course you never want to slack and not put in 100% effort but if something goes wrong or you forget a button or a hem, it is OK, you're not going to die. Whats done is done before crit, just because crit is over doesn't mean you can't go back and fix that garment to how you like so you'll have something your proud of and want to photograph and put in your portfolio and on that, keep your end portfolio in mind. Keep swatches, keep sketches and mood boards!!

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