Describe your collection's theme.: My collections theme is Science Fiction - it is a culmination of past and future. The collection works to relate the nostalgia of science fiction to the feeling of a technologically advanced future. To me, this collection represents the merging of a past and a future - a mixture of what I am, and what I am capable of.

 What is your favorite part of the design process?: My favorite part of the design process is solving the problems that arise when trying to construct a garment that matches the initial sketch.

What are you inspired by?: I am inspired by different forms of media - namely music, television/movies, photography, and other art forms. My inspiration is defined by the feelings that I get from these things.

Who is your favorite designer?: My favorite designer is Josep Font for Delpozo. His designs are fresh and inspired, and the mix of structure with delicate details in his collections are breathtaking.

 What is your dream job?: Like many others, my dream job would be to have my own brand and company. There is something about having an influence on all aspects of the design process that really excites me. While I do understand the importance of getting solid industry experience, I hope that one day that translates to me knowing enough to do it all on my own. In the meantime, my dream job would be one that allows me to learn from the company or brand, while also being able to apply my own perspective and ideas.

 Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: I enjoy traveling, textile arts, cooking, and basically any activity that allows me to create something.

 What are your plans after graduation?: After graduation, I plan to move to New York City as soon as possible and gain industry experience!

What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: You really have to push through those hard moments where you wonder if everything is worth it - the most rewarding times are on the other side.

 Instagram: @amykleypas