Describe your collection's theme.: My senior collection is inspired by pop art but

What is your favorite part of the design process?: My favorite part of the design process is making mistakes and learning what works and what does not work. Without mistakes, I would not realize and remember a lot of things that made me into the knowledgable designer I am today.

What are you inspired by?: I am inspired mostly by trying to do things that have not been done before or unconventional. Being unique and original also keeps my creative juices flowing.

Who is your favorite designer?: I honestly do not keep up with other designers, too busy keeping my designs unique and original.

What is your dream job?: My dream job would be designing my own clothing brand and having it sold in big stores or fashion nova. Really anything that involves being an entrepreneur.

 Any hobbies outside of fashion design?: My hobbies outside of fashion design includes content creating for my youtube channel, hair styling, and cooking.

What are your plans after graduation?: After graduation, I hope to get accepted to graduate school and complete a year long Master of Business Administration program. After that I plan on working in the fashion industry and utilizing both of my degrees.

 What have you learned/any advice for other fashion design students?: Time management is very important but it is easier to talk about than actually doing it. Design and create what you want!