Aaris Dorham, better known as Aaris Knoelle, was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. Seeing her mother run her own boutique at a young age caught the eye of Aaris quickly. She began exploring her desire for fashion at the age of 8, taking classes in the art at college for kids, high school, and now in college. Soon to obtain her B.F.A in Fashion Design at the University of North Texas, Aaris wishes to have her own clothing line in the near future called “Aaris Knoelle.”

What are you inspired by?

 Aaris draws her inspiration for designing from Haute Couture designers and runway shows from the top fashion cities around the world.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

Aaris favorite part of designing is seeing her vision and artistry come to life.

What is your dream job?

Aside from having her own clothing line, Aaris’s dream job would be to work at an Evening Wear, Sports Wear, Custom Wear, or any other sort of Fashion Company that will allow her to be creative and free and travel around the world.

Hobbies outside of fashion design?

Outside of being a fashion designer, Aaris enjoys writing poetry/spoken word, working out, and hanging with friends.

What I have learned/advice I’d give to other design students:

Aaris believes to do what you love as a person no matter what obstacles may stand in your way. She is dedicated to bringing innovative ideas and techniques to the table that would be beneficial in breaking new grounds in the fashion world.

Instagram: @aarisknoelledesigns